iMC-Caps v1.0
Consult your catalogs of caps of Champagne on iPhone and iPad.

Help in pdf format

All functionalities

  • Download and consult catalogs of caps. More than 49000 caps available.
  • Share a cap with your friends by E-Mail, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, ...

  • Premium license

  • Premium license allows you to download all available catalogs. Without license, only 3 demo catalogs can be downloaded.
  • Click the button "Go to PREMIUM" on main screen to buy the license.

  • Home screen

    Open help.
    Download a catalog of caps.
    Buy Premium license.
    Come back to home screen.
    Display the list of downloaded catalogs.
    Open settings screen.

    Download a catalog

    If an internet connection is available then you can download and install a catalog.
    An alert message is displayed if you need the Premium version to download a catalog.

    3 steps for installation of a catalog : Download / Unzip / Update database.

    Downloadable catalogs
    Downloadable catalogs with Premium version

    You can cancel a download using the button "Cancel".

    List of catalogs, producers, caps, caps details

    Allows you to select a catalog and display the list of producers and caps.
    Allows you to share caps by E-Mail or social networks.

    In the list of catalogs, the button "Modify" allows you to remove a downloaded catalog.

    Search for caps

    You can search for caps inside a catalog or inside a producer of a catalog