Manage your collections.

All functionnalities

  • Create your own catalogs of objects.
  • Manage your collection and objects to sell, to buy, to exchange.
  • Get a summary and cost estimation of your collection.
  • Import and export your catalogs as an Excel file.
  • Publish your catalogs on MBC Cloud.
  • Share your objects on social networks.
  • *
  • Search for objects by keyword.

  • Premium License

    Premium license allows you to create the number of objects you want.
    Without license, a maximum of 25 objects can be created.
    Select "Activate PREMIUM version" in the main screen and you will open Google Play to do your purchase.
    You can also buy a PREMIUM license using Paypal. Visit the website Mobile-Collections
    This license is linked to your E-Mail. It is valid on all smartphones or tablets using the same E-Mail.

    Home screen

    Display the screen 'About'.
    Alert about new versions.

    Download a catalog

    If an internet connection is available then you can select download and install a catalog. Take care, some catalogs needs a PREMIUM license to be downloadable.

    Installation in 3 steps :
    1 - Download
    2 - Unzip
    3 - Update database.
    Catalogs you can download without PREMIUM license.
    Remove a catalog you have publish on MBC Cloud.
    Cancel download.

    Display of the list of categories, objects or detail of an object

    You can access to all objects of a catalog by selecting first a catalog then a category then an object.

    Create or modify a catalog, category or object

    - When you are in the tab 'Catalogs", this button allows you to create a new catalog
    - When you are in the list of categories, this button allows you to create a new category
    - When you are in the list of objects, this button allows you to create a new object.

    A list of more than 100 icons is available :
    For each catalog, category or object, this button allows you to :
  • Export a catalog as an Excel file or a pdf file
  • Modify or remove a catalog, a category, a object
  • Duplicate a object
  • Move a category to another catalog
  • Move a object to another category
  • Catalogs, categories and objects of official catalogs cannot be modified, moved or removed.

    When you create or modify a catalog, you can modify its name, unit, type and visibility of each of the 10 parameters defining an object.
    This is the way for you to adapt this application to your own type of collection..
    Checkboxes allow you to define if a parameter is visible or not in the list of objects.
    Remark : PRICE type cannot be modified to TEXT or NUMBER.

    Add your own pictures of your own objects

    You can add your own pictures of objects. A maximum of 5 pictures per object is possible.
    Switch to picture management mode.
    Add a picture selected on your SD-Card.
    Add a picture from clouds.
    Add a picture from your camera.
    Modify a picture : Zoom in/out, move, rotate a picture.
    Remove current picture. You can only remove your own pictures. You cannot remove offical picture.

    Export a catalog and its collection. Publish it on MBC Cloud.

    You can export your catalog as an Excel file. To do this, you have 2 possibilities :
    1 - Export your catalog as an Excel file using the contextual menu of a catalog.
    2 - Create your own Excel file. In this case, you must respect a specific Excel format. Samples are available here

    Once your catalog is exported as an Excel file, you can also publish it on MBC Cloud. It allows you to see this catalog into the list of downloadable catalogs.
    Thanks to this feature, you can easily share a catalog between 2 Smartphones or Tablets.

    Here is the steps to export and publish a catalog :

  • Go to your list of catalogs.
  • Using the contextual menu, select "Export Excel / Publish".
  • Select the button "Publish on MBC Cloud"
  • Once upload is done, go to the main screen and select the button "Download". Your catalog is available in the list. Nobody else than you can see this catalog.

  • Import a catalog using Excel file

    If you have exported a catalog and its collection as an Excel file, here is the steps to reimport it :

    1 - Open the left tool bar and select "Import Excel"

    2 - Select your icon and your Excel file. If your Excel file is not compatible then an error message is displayed

    If a catalog with the same name already exists, you must specify if you want to duplicate or to update this existing catalog

    Display mode of your collection

    Display the collection as a graph.
    Display the collection as a list.

    Manage your collection, objects to sell, to buy, to exchange

    To be able to manage your collection, you must first select a catalog and a category. Then you are in the list of objects of a category.

  • Switch to collection management using this button in the toolbar on top of the screen.
  • In the bottom bar, select wich list you want to change : Collection, objects to sell, objects to buy, objects to exchange.
  • Check the objects you want to change.
  • Add or remove a object
  • Switch to collection management mode.
    Add an object.
    Remove an object.
    Select all objects of the current category.

    Automatic management of the list of objects to sell or to buy

    When you are in the list of categories, the contextual menu allows you to :

  • Update the list "To sell" : It means all objects you have twice in your collection will be moved into your list of objects to sell.

  • Update the list "To buy" : It means all objects you have not in your collection will be added into your list of objects to buy.

  • Toolbar

    Display the toolbar.
    Define wich function you want to access from home screen.
    Define your MC-Collections id. This E-Mail is your id when you share your collection.
    Help screen.
    Display RSS feeds and also frequent Questions/Answers.
    Download catalogs for demo.
    Create a summary of your collection, objects to buy, objects to sell, objects to exchange. Calculate a cost estimation.
    Import your catalog as an Excel file. All of your catalogs can be exported as an Excel file.
    Define which SD-Card will be used to save all pictures of objects.

    Change the folder for objects pictures

    If your device has an external SD-Card, you can use this SD-Card to save all pictures of objects instead of your internal memory.

    Steps to change the folder :

  • Open the left toolbar and select "Change the folder for objects pictures".
  • If your device has an external SD-Card then you can select this SD-Card.
  • Validate your choice and all pictures will be moved to the selected SD-Card.
  • It can take a very long time to move all pictures. It depends of your device and the number of pictures.
  • Your selected SD-Card is now validated. If you download a new catalog, it will be installed in this new folder.

  • Share your objects with your friends by E-Mail, Facebook, Dropbox, ...

    Allows you to share a object with your friends using one of the application available on your smartphone or tablet.
    For example, you can send a object and its full description by E-Mail.

    Add, modify or remove personal notes.

    Validate the new personal note.
    Create a new personal note.

    Search by keyword

    You can search for a object in all catalogs or categories.
    Fill-in a keyword and you'll get the list of objects using this word in one of object's parameters.
    Personal notes are also taken into account for this research.